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Common Small Business Website Problems

Maybe this is wrong of me to do but I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this article you’re a small business owner. Or you want to be. Perhaps you have a business website but you don’t see that it’s really doing anything to help your business. Or maybe you don’t have a website

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6 Steps to Small Business Credibility Online

Building business credibility with potential customers and clients who find you online is an important task. Your website needs to scream (or at least state clearly) that you are the company to meet their need, solve their problem, or otherwise earn their patronage. Even your current customers will appreciate the reassurances that a well thought

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How to Build Online Connections With Customers

There was a time when it was impressive for a small business simply to have an online presence. This is not that time. Today it’s all about using your small business website to build online connections with your customers. In many ways, we’ve become disconnected from those around us. When someone shows an interest in

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3 Tips for Branding Your Business Website

Branding your business website must not be taken lightly. It will play an important role in reaching and drawing in new customers. You may want to do some planning and goal setting before you hire a web designer or in conjunction with your designer. Certainly, this should include the overall look and feel of your

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24-Hour Access: Why It’s Important To Your Business

Your small business website provides 24-hour access to the most important details about your business and lets you show off your products and services. Consumers Are Doing Their Research Have you noticed in your own life, most of your online “shopping” is focused more on researching products, services, and the providers in your area? I

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Keys to a Successful Business Website

Start by determining your goals and objectives How can you tell if your website is doing any good? Every successful business website moves the business forward. Starting with specific, measurable goals puts you on the right track. This article provides examples of goals that will drive your business website to success. Goal: Increase sales Strategies:

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