Design Timeline

No surprises. No regrets.

  • Client Inquiry
    You submit a Request for Proposal and I'll review it. If it seems like a good fit for my business I'll email you an Intro Packet and link to my call scheduler.
  • Discovery Call
    During this call we'll discuss your project in detail. The more you can tell me about what you want, the better.
  • Proposal
    The proposal will be written based on the needs and wants expressed during the Discovery Call.
  • Contract
    After you accept the proposal, I'll send you a contract that spells out the scope of the project, timeline for completion, and payments.
  • Invoice/1st Payment
    Once the contract is signed I'll send you an invoice for the first payment which will be equal to 1/2 of total cost. Upon receipt of payment, the project will be added to my calendar.
  • Client Onboarding
    I'll get your project set up in my project management system and send you a Welcome Packet. I'll also train you how to use the PMS to submit your homework assignments, feedback, and any questions that come up along the way.
  • Client Homework
    The Gathering. Of assets, anyway. You'll need to assemble all your content, images, logos, branding files, passwords, etc. and submit them to the project management board before I can begin work. There is a deadline for this task.

Now it's time for the fun part!

  • Review Homework/
    Create Website Strategy
    I'll review the assets you've provided and formulate a strategy for your small business website.
  • Strategy Call
    We'll talk about the strategy I've developed and revise if necessary.
  • Mock-up Homepage
    Yea!!! I finally get to start designing your website.
  • Present Homepage to You
    After all that planning, plotting, and gathering of assets, you finally get your first glimpse of your new website design.
  • Homepage Revisions
    The homepage mock-up will be revised based on your feedback.
  • Approval of Homepage
    Once the revisions are complete, I'll send the homepage back to you for final approval.
  • Development of Additional Pages
    With the homepage completed and approved, I'll go to work on the remaining pages.
  • Presentation of Additional Pages
    Time for you to review the additional pages of your site and provide your feedback.
  • Revision of Additional Pages
    As with the homepage, I'll make revisions of these pages based on your feedback.
  • Website Testing
    We're so close! Now I'll to test your website's design and functionality for speed,/performance, mobile-compatibility, and cross-browser compatibility.

Final Countdown to Launch

Can you believe how close we are?!?

  • Final Client Approval
    You'll sign-off on the entire site.
  • Invoice/Final Payment
    After you have signed-off on the project, you'll receive the final invoice.
  • Website Launch
    We made it! Your website is now open for business.
  • Request Feedback/
    I'll send you a request for feedback about your experience working with me and a testimonial I can use to promote NAZwebz Studio.
  • Celebrate!!!
    What can I say? What's life without a party?!

Let's Get This Party Started!

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